Funding for OAA Nutrition Programs

Current status: NANASP has worked with other advocacy groups over the course of the past year to end sequestration and restore the cuts that were made to senior nutrition programs. In the January 2014 omnibus spending bill which created the final funding agreement for FY 2014, the senior nutrition programs received a spending increase of $47 million. This represented an end to sequestration for the programs and some restoration from cuts in the first round of sequestration. However, this restoration is still not enough to keep up with the growing senior population and the pace of inflation. The President’s proposed budget for FY 2015 would fund senior nutrition programs at $814.7 million, which is the current amount of funding they are receiving under the 2014 agreement.

Resolved: NANASP supports an FY 2015 funding level of $819 million for senior nutrition programs, which is a return of funding to FY 2010 levels, the highest funding level ever achieved.

Click Here to Dowload a Fact Sheet: Older Americans Act Title III Funding Formula

2017 Funding Chart