Thu., May 21st - Urge Congress to “Get into the Act” for Older Americans Month

For 50 years, the Older Americans Act (OAA) has delivered essential programs and services for our most vulnerable seniors – from preventing and detecting elder abuse to providing home and community-based services.   But while we celebrate Older Americans Month and recognize seniors for their contributions to our country, the OAA’s authorization has been expired since 2011 and OAA programs and services remain woefully underfunded. Combined with the continued threat of sequestration, the future of the OAA and its programs and services that families rely on every day is uncertain.  
This year’s Older Americans Month theme is “Get into the Act.” LeadingAge and the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations need your help to urge Congress to “Get into the Act” by funding, renewing, and protecting the OAA and its programs!  
On Thursday, May 21st, please call (202) 688-3851 and follow the prompts to be connected to your elected officials on Capitol Hill. Once you are patched through, ask the staff member answering your call to deliver the following message to the legislator:  
“The Older Americans Act is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. As a constituent, I urge Senator/Representative __________ to fund, reauthorize, and protect the Older Americans Act by restoring appropriations to at least the fiscal year 2010 levels, passing a bipartisan reauthorization, and removing the continued threat of across-the-board sequestration cuts. Thank you for your consideration.”  

IN ADDITION, on May 19th at 1:00 pm ET, you can join the #WeAreOAA chat in honor of Older Americans Month to discuss the Older Americans Act program and the need for reauthorization. Led by organizations from the Eldercare Workforce Alliance (@ElderCareTeam), the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations (@LCAgingOrgs) and featuring the Administration on Community Living (@ACLgov), this chat will provide an online forum for aging advocates, older Americans, and family caregivers to connect. We will be providing background information on the Act, answering questions about why it is important, and soliciting stories from people whose lives have been impacted by the Act.    
@ElderCareTeam will lead the chat by asking questions, and @LCAgingOrgs will “retweet” the questions as a co-host for the event.   
Date/Location: May 19, 1pm ET   
Hashtags The primary hashtag for this chat is #WeAreOAA. Additional hashtags, which you can use to increase the reach of the tweets, are: #aging #reauth #health #OAA #olderadults #OAM15.   
Thank you very much for your support on this important issue!!