NANASP Joins Effort to Save the SHIPs; Write to Congress Today Using Our New Tool!!

The Senate Appropriations Committee, in their FY 2017 Labor-HHS funding bill, has proposed complete elimination of funding for the State Health Insurance Assistance Programs (SHIP).

SHIPs receive funding under the Administration for Community Living (ACL) and oversee a network of more than 3,300 local SHIPs and over 15,000 counselors. SHIPs assist individuals in navigating the increasingly complex Medicare program and help beneficiaries make choices among a vast array of options to best meet their needs.

NANASP has signed a letter opposing the elimination of SHIPs which will be sent by the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations (LCAO) to House leaders.

In advance of signing the letter, NANASP has surveyed its members to determine how much they work with the SHIP programs. Thank you to all who have responded! “We were pleased to get a large number of responses,” said Tony Sarmiento, NANASP Board Chair. “It has and will continue to help us with our advocacy efforts in the House to get them to restore this ill-advised cut.”

One NANASP member wrote in the survey, “Our small program funded at $31,000 serves over 4,000 persons each year helping them with their Medicare and insurance related issues, such as selecting a Part D provider, appealing a denial, following up on incorrect billing or fraud. We help our senior population save over $500,000 annually.”

This blog entry by Ronni Bennett has even more information about the SHIP elimination.


NANASP has a new Take Action website, and you can easily send a letter directly to your Representative and Senators through it! Click here to send a letter to your Members of Congress, and tell them to Save Our SHIPs! Please send the Take Action link to your colleagues and friends—the House Appropriations Committee is expected to take up the funding bill soon! Just click the “share” button and fill out the information.