Vaccine Awareness

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Are you one of the millions of adults not receiving the vaccines you need?

Many adults in the U.S. are not aware of vaccines recommended for them – and that means they are not taking advantage of the best protection available against a number of serious diseases. According to the 2013 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS): Only about 1 out of 4 (24%) adults 60 years and older, had received a shingles vaccination. Only about 1 out of 6 (17%) adults 19 years and older, had received a Tdap vaccine in the last 8 years to provide protection from tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping cough).

Here are three reasons to get vaccinated!

1. You may be at risk for serious diseases that could be prevented by vaccines. Many of these diseases (like flu, whooping cough, and shingles) are common in the US, and many can be spread easily.

2. You may be at increased risk for complications from certain diseases if you have a chronic health condition. Adults with chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease and those with weakened immune systems are more likely to develop complications from certain vaccine-preventable diseases. These complications can include long-term illness, hospitalization, and even death.

3. You can help protect those who can't get vaccinated. People with certain medical conditions (like pregnant women or people undergoing cancer treatment) may not be able to get certain vaccines, but are very vulnerable to illness. Vaccines can help prevent the spread of contagious diseases to them. For example, newborns who are too young to get vaccinated for whooping cough are also most at risk of severe illness from the disease. In cases where the source is known, 4 out of 5 babies caught the disease from someone in the home - a parent, sister or brother, grandparent, or babysitter.

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